Slack Foundry

A training app for Slack.

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Interactive tutorials that help your team
get the most out of Slack.

Tutorial I.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Slack is all about mastering the basics. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find and join channels
  • Mention your colleagues
  • Customize notification settings

Tutorial II.

Working in Slack

Working in Slack helps teams use Slack to communicate more efficiently. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find information quickly
  • Make announcements
  • Connect other tools to Slack

Tutorial III.

Being an Admin

Being a Slack Admin will help you get Slack set up for your team. You’ll learn how to:

  • Encourage open communication
  • Onboard your teammates
  • Customize security settings

Develop your expertise from right in Slack.

Interactive — Explore multiple choice questions, try out different features of Slack, and build your own list of ideas for working with your team in Slack.

Tailored to you — Customize each tutorial to your interests, take lessons at your own pace, and practice skills on your own before trying them in your team’s channels.

Secure — Designed and built in-house, Slack Foundry exceeds industry standards for security and privacy, just like the rest of Slack.

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Get your team going with Slack Foundry:

Install the app.
Click the "Add to Slack" button to install Slack Foundry on your workspace.
Start a direct message with Slack Foundry.
Open a direct message with Slack Foundry and say hi (or hello, or howdy, or whatever!) The app will introduce itself and help you choose a tutorial.
Share Slack Foundry with your teammates!
Slack Foundry is especially helpful for people who are new to Slack, so let your team know how they can get started by posting in your company announcements channel or suggesting the app in new employee training sessions.